Q: Do I have to follow the whole series or can I follow individual seminars?
A: Both are possible.

Q: Which bracket system does IOS work with?
A: Any type of passive self-ligation system: InOvation, Carriere, Discovery and Damon Q (clear)

Q: Do you work with plaster models?
A: No. Digital 3D models with indirect bonding option and multiple setups

Q: Who gives the seminars?
A: Andre Keet

Q: In what language are the seminars given?
A: In Dutch.

Q: Who is the target group?
A: Target group: Dentists and orthodontists who wish to study a discipline in depth: both experienced and inexperienced colleagues are welcome. The latter will have fewer problems with preconceived notions and previous knowledge.

Q: How long are the seminars and how are they given?
A: They last one day: on Fridays and will be given as a class.

Q: Should I buy books in advance and study them?
A: No, it is not necessary, moreover, the literature is much more recent than many books.

Q: Where can I learn more about the seminars such as content, cost and dates?
A: The dates are given in the course timetable under “Recent” and information about each seminar can be found at the products in the shop.