Welcome to International Orthodontic Services.
We want to help dental teams to carry out integrated orthodontic treatment. We offer various services.

Courses are offered for Dutch dentists/orthodontists and dental assistants who want to acquire or
enhance skills in orthodontics Seminars in orthodontics (Semios) offers courses
for the dentist / orthodontist and also for the dental assistants. The courses
are given in the centre of the country, usually on Fridays. The assistant
training is also offered in-house in the practice. There’s more information at Semios.

If you or your staff would prefer not to travel to attend the courses, then
they are available on online. Take a look at Relio.  Many languages will be added!

We offer help with your cases:  do you want to check whether you have the right approach or do you want to have the
case evaluated (in detail if desired) for torque and type of wires. Take a look at
(service in Dutch and English only).

If you regularly check out the site (ios.io) you’ll notice that it is
continually expanding.