Mission & Vision

Welcome to IOS. We want to help dental teams to carry out orthodontic treatment. We work on the basis of the entire field of dentistry and do not merely focus on a specialization.

We offer a comprehensive, unique range of different services.

Our mission is to help all participants to achieve the best possible result and also to demonstrate that to the participants. To allow them to incorporate orthodontics into their daily treatments of their patients, to provide them with the best cosmetic and dental improvement.


  • To offer our patients state-of-the-art treatment
  • Timely treatment and not too early:  guidance, interception, then treat
  • Treatment during the adolescent growth spurt, for some defects earlier, some later
  • Avoid retraction of upper anterior: lip support
  • No headgear but expansion and mandibular advancement
  • Passive self-ligation, expansion and no extractions
  • Intrusion, extrusion and anchorage with TADs
  • Specific avoidance of adult orthodontics and surgery
  • Implant planning of mechanics using 3D CBCT technique
  • Effective finish and retention protocol